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Stump grinding services are essential to keep your yard safe and looking the best it can be. Discover why locals turn to our Sanford Tree Service when they need speedy tree stump grinding in Jacksonville, FL. Our team of experts can remove tree stumps of any size using our state-of-the-art stump removal equipment. 

Tree stumps tend to lead to new tree sprouts popping up throughout your yard. If you just had a tree removed, stump grinding service is the cherry on top to complete the job. Imagine your yard without that eyesore of a stump. You could fill that space with green grass, a swing set, or a comfortable bench. Plus, you do not have to worry about infestations from pests who might find the stump a nice place to call home. Instead, you and your family can enjoy this extra open space in your yard with help of our stump grinding service.

Stump grinding eliminates all of these problems. Our skilled and certified professionals grind the stump all the way down so that you can enjoy a flat surface that can be seamlessly integrated into the rest of your landscape. Remember, a tree stump can grow anywhere between eight to ten feet below the surface, which means it is a job that requires the right tools and training.

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The sooner you contact Sanford Tree Service, the sooner we can treat the start of a potentially severe issue connected with your stump. Early intervention is the key to protecting your lawn from pest invasions. If a tree has fallen in your yard and left behind a stump, reach out to our tree stump grinding team for a tree estimate. We understand your concern and we strive to respond to all emergency requests as quickly as possible.

Stumps left behind by larger trees are harder to remove. Without help from a specialist, getting rid of these behemoths can be a challenge, even if you have the equipment needed for the job. Opt for professional tree stump grinding to banish stumps of every size for good. We use special tools and machines to grind down unsightly stumps on your lawn. For the most part, our team is able to completely grind away stumps of every shape in size in a matter of hours.

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Sanford’s tree service was awesome. I had the most effortless experience on getting 4 trees removed out of my backyard and another 2 trimmed. These guys were nice, professional, and affordable! I will definitely use them again going forward! Thank you for doing it right the first time!

Amer C.


“The team that did my job in Fernandina Beach were like tree ninjas. They just automatically knew who was doing what step next. That’s always a sign of quality workmanship and the proof is in the results. Exactly what I asked for. I highly recommend.”

Tim S.

Fernandina Beach

“This company is top-notch in my book. They have been doing a commercial property for me for several years as well as my personal property. They do a fantastic job and always show up on time. Anytime I have an emergency they come right out and help.”

Melissa E.

St. Augustine

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